The University of Wuppertal regards differences as an opportunity and values gender diversity. Transgender, intersexual and non-binary persons are naturally part of our everyday university life. The goal is to create non-discriminatory and benefitial study, research and working conditions, in which each and everyone can develop and evolve optimal.

The gender identity and name of trans* students and / or employees might not comply with the registration in our electronic systems, which may - partly unintentionally - lead to discrimination. An official personal status and name change is a tedious process and the persons affected have to overcome many obstacles. The University of Wuppertal makes it possible for students and employees whose identity is not (yet) aligned with their legal gender to change their civil status even before the official registration.

On the Procedure of personal status and name change at the University of Wuppertal before the official registration.

Further Informative material and notices about events on the topic of gender diversity.

Informations regarding Counseling options for support in cases of discrimination for transgender, intersexual and non-binary Persons.

The Equal Opportunities and Diversity Unit is happy to help, if you have any Questions regarding the topic of gender diversity.

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